Mar 232012

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Oct 292012
3 Tips for People Wanting to Move Abroad

  If you are excited about the prospects of living abroad, but don’t know where to start, here are a few tips that can get you on your way. Research, Research, Research Most people who move abroad have done so with very little research. They may have gone to a conference or read a few books. But they know little about what to expect, how to live or how to behave appropriately in the country. [Read More...]

Oct 242012
Retirement in the U.S. Territories

  Do you want to live outside of the United States without actually leaving the country? Consider retiring to one of the United States territories! Never too far from home, you will enjoy the benefits of citizenship while immersed in unique local cultures. Puerto Rico Located in the Caribbean, Puerto Rico is perfect for retirees looking for the quintessential island life among the U.S. Territories. Boasting a warm tropical climate all year round, Puerto Rico [Read More...]

Oct 222012
How to Choose the Right Place to Live Abroad

So you think you want to live abroad? Maybe you’ve found a great place on vacation, or you’ve seen a movie where the main character lives abroad. Maybe you heard about how much money you can save by living in a country with a lower cost-of-living? Now you are ready to explore the world and find the perfect place for you. Let’s take a look at how to determine the perfect location for your life [Read More...]

Oct 172012
The Best of Belize

  Just south of Mexico and bordered to the east by the Caribbean Sea, the tiny country of Belize is a retiree’s dream.  But where do you go in Belize?  There are so many options!  In this post we will be discussing the four most popular cities for expats in Belize, each of which offer unique and irresistible local lifestyles. From city life to lush jungles to white sand beaches, Belize truly has it all. [Read More...]

Oct 152012
How to decide if living abroad is right for you?

Many people have fantasies about what it’s like to live abroad. But the reality is often very different from the romanticized picture we have in our minds. It’s not all about strolling the beach and drinking margaritas. It’s also about paying your electric bill and arguing with the butcher over the price of chicken. Living overseas is about living. So what does it take? Would you be happy in another culture?   You won't know [Read More...]

Sep 052012
Island Retirement!

  Who doesn’t fantasize about waking up to white beaches and swaying palm trees, surrounded by crystal blue waters? Luckily for retirees, there are plenty of island options that offer a lower cost of living, an easy-going lifestyle, and, of course, gorgeous weather! Below are our top five picks for perfect island retirement destinations.   Roatan, Honduras Roatan is truly a picture-perfect island. Paradise to lush greenery, blooming flowers, and magnificent aquatic life, Roatan provides [Read More...]

Jul 112012
The BEST Resources for Job-Hunting Abroad

  So many people want to move abroad, but still need part-time or full-time income.  With the world become ever more connected through the web, there are more opportunities than ever!  You can start your own business.  Be an internet-based employee.   Do consulting.  Even find a job with a company that has positions abroad. Today we will be looking at the last option—jobs abroad.  It used to be difficult to find jobs like that, but [Read More...]

Jul 022012
3 Tips for A Strong Relationship While Living Abroad

  Moving abroad can be an incredibly exciting opportunity for couples. A new life in a different country often means new adventures together – there are countless beaches to visit, museums to admire, and cafes to sample! However, it is sometimes easy to forget what an enormous emotional undertaking moving abroad can be. With that in mind, here are three essential tips to keep your relationship strong as you and your partner settle in to [Read More...]

Jun 082012
Shoe shines in Cuenca, Ecuador

Parque Calderon is the heart of Cuenca.  Business and leisure revolve around it.  Of course, there are exceptions as the University is across the river (there are 4 of them coursing through Cuenca, rivers not universities) and manufacturing is clustered around the NE quadrant.  However, the banking and other ‘wear a suit’ types of businesses are found near this park.   Most of those people who are dressed up wear leather shoes.  And that makes [Read More...]

Jun 062012
The Magic of the Baja - Expat Living That’s Close to Home (Part 2)

In our previous post about the Baja of California, we covered the cities of Baja Norte.  Now we head down the Baja from San Felipe zig-zagging across the peninsula through several small cities until you reach the town of Loreto.  This beautiful city doesn’t have a huge expat community, but the locals are very welcoming and the perks are not to be believed.   Loreto   The town of Loreto has a beauty without compare.  [Read More...]