5 Ways to Be Successfully Single Abroad!


WARNING: Retiring Abroad May Lead to Traveling More

It seems a bit unusual to think about it, but for those with the travel bug, even living abroad doesn’t stop our feet from wanting to roam.  The great news is that retiring abroad can actually make it easier to travel more.   On top of that, living abroad can make that travel experience much …


Give Abroad: Many Retirees Find Joy In Philanthropy Abroad

One of the most remarkable things you will see when living abroad are all the expats who get involved in their local community.  I’ve seen fundraisers for providing the local children with money for school books, the creation of spay and neuter clinics for the local pet populations, money raised to buy a small town …


The Power of Friendships & Networking While Living Abroad

Ever worry that living abroad might be difficult because you don’t know the language?  You might even be tempted to believe that you’ll have trouble finding friends or having fun things to do. Fortunately, nothing could be further from the truth! Most cities across the world have these wonderful groups of people called expats.  Expat is …


Living a Meaningful Life Abroad

Living abroad is more than just saving money and having adventures (though those are both pretty great).  It’s about having a life and a lifestyle that keep you happy and fulfilled during retirement.  For some, that means daily rounds of golf followed by dinner and drinks out with friends in the evenings.  For others, it’s …


The Simple 5-Step Plan For Retiring Abroad

Lately, I’ve been wondering about what it takes to move abroad.  How can something that seems so big be broken down into a simple framework that will help people overcome all that stuff that seems to stop them in their tracks and, instead, help them make that move abroad they’ve been dreaming about?  So I …


11 “Sneaky” World Travel Hacks for Retirees

World travel is such a wonderful possibility during the retirement years.  But how do you do it and stay within your retirement budget?  You aren’t twenty anymore.  What if you don’t want to backpack your way through Europe to save money.  Well, there are a number of ways to keep yourself on budget while enjoying …


6 Myths That Stop Retirees from Traveling The World 

What’s stopping you from traveling the world?  For many people, the answers are the same: too expensive, too dangerous etc.  The bottom line is that traveling the world feels like a really big step.  It’s right up there with other big moments in our lives: deciding to get married, having kids, starting a company or …


Baking Abroad

A very quick post here as something just crossed my mind. As an expat who lives in Mexico, I still like to travel and spend time in other locations. Recently, I was in Cuenca, Ecuador for a month. Although eating out at the fabulous restaurants is high on my list, sometimes I want my comfort food, …